In Serein

6/2: Steve Burrows

6/2: Steve Burrows 



They could feel us coming. 

I could feel them feel us coming. 

At first, there was an awareness of our presence that began to rise and spread in ripples; there was confusion, fear even, rejection of the otherness we were bringing to this festival occasion. 

There was a part of me that was rather sad, because as we descended with the new potentials, I was well aware that this was not how the others remembered their festival; I had their matrix inscriptions to compare the now to then, and so it was that I would never know what it might have been like. 

What it might have been like to be just a potential, excited and scared half to death, scared that I might not find Edwards here, might not see him again, that I might be rejected and would have to leave all of this, and live then, knowing of these things yet never being able to step into it, to embrace it. 

I would never know that, nor would I know the dance; there would be no first union, no Arada dream. 

Well, that is all of the past now. All that is behind us, and I let the thoughts drift away and leave them behind as well, a trailing wake of might have beens and nevermores, that drift apart soon enough with me as that which holds it all together moving forward, going on, being gone from there. 

My house is steady, a unit, even though each one of us is thinking their own thoughts, leaving their own stream of moments behind, like snakes that shed their skin as they move forward, so we glide downwards, slow spiral stairs, deep and dark. 

Beneath us and below us, they are waiting. 

And now that I am here, I am not afraid. 

The others below begin to shift and organise themselves; there is a guiding hand at work, one individual, greater and stronger than all the others, different from all the others, wider reaching. This one begins to resonate the basics of a harmony, this one draws all to stillness, and then there is a shift through and out into a different territory – a wide open space into which we may flow now, and I realise that they are welcoming us. 

We are the arrow, they are the target, but this target is drawing the arrow towards it, inviting it to come, encouraging the forward movement and doubling the velocity – a familiar feeling, a disconcertingly familiar feeling but then we recognise it and a cry goes up amongst us – this is a union! 

I am so overwhelmed by that realisation that my forward momentum nearly falters, but by now, the attraction from the others below has become a strong tide that pulls me on, nonetheless, and keeps me right on track, even though for just a moment, my own will had quite gone. The welcoming that is awaiting us is gaining power, strength and many voices; they are singing to us. 

They are as potentials, telling us of themselves, of their times and their existence, and all my house shivers through and through as we continue to move forward, at the same speed as before, but with an ever stronger gathering conviction, with an ever strengthening purpose, and an ever widening field of view, and of influence. 

I begin to understand and as I do, so do the others of my house. 

We open up and we begin to rise into our true selves, for here, there is a limitless amount of energy that comes straight from beyond, and it is this the ones below are seeking and requesting – they want the white light, that is what they have missed and hungered for, what they have sought and tried to find for a hundred thousand years or more, that ultimate dimension that will complete their circuitry, as it has completed ours. 

It is extraordinary. 

They are all potentials, awaiting transformation. 

And they have waited oh! so long! 

But we are here. 

We are here, and they are here, and also, all these humans – we are one system, all together, we will all engage in union, and from us, there will arise something altogether new and different. 

It is awesome. 

As I rise, before me lies the times past, and I can see – everything. 

I enter the theatre.