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An Easy Read Which Held Me Captive

I really enjoyed this story. It held me captive for days.

The minute I found it I started reading it. The next morning after sleeping only 4 hours I picked it up again so to speak and didn't stop reading to even cook.

It was an easy read. Keep up the good work and I hope to read a lot more from you. :)

Roberta, United States

Just Starting

Im just now starting on the series and I love it already. 

Write more books like this!!!!!

Austen, United States

Still Reeling ...

I have read all 3 books on the Kindle in about 3 days, and don't think I will ever be quite the same person again.

I feel as though I have changed and matured along with the characters. I will certainly want to read this work again, with a more careful view to comprehending the meaning and scope of all the symbolism and detail, if that is even possible for me.

Found In Serein as I had already bought Project Sanctuary and The Genius Symbols, and was browsing on Amazon for more by the same author. Took a while to discover that Nick StarFields and Silvia Hartmann are one and the same.

Sheena, United Kingdom

A Really Wonderful Book

A really wonderful book.

Thanks for making it available for us.

Phillip, South Africa

This book has changed my life

This book has changed my life. It is a very challenging book, I had to concentrate to feel the alchemical context and the hints to the right affirmation in the right situation.

Everything that was written had to be there to make it whole and true. There where much i couldn't assimilate but i know there were something deeper there.

From: Stefan, Sweden

Fantastic Story, Brilliantly Written

I love this book (these books!) I don't even know where to start. Isca and Lucian, even Chay are like real people to me, I really felt for them all. And I feel I've learned so much, so much that is in this book is like real life and it has helped me understand myself better. At first I didn't like the ending but then I got it :-) Fantastic story, brilliantly written, THANK YOU!

A Really Magical Experience

It took me awhile to read through all three books of 'In Serein'. It was a really magical experience for me. As a fellow writer, I can say it's the sort of book I wish I had written.

Isca is a very unique heroine; strong, determined and refusing to give up. Her journey from a lowborn girl engaged to a butcher's son to the Lady of Lucian Tremain and finally the mother to the high king was breath taking and beautifully done.

Lucian is probably the most complex character in the books. It took centuries before he was finally allowed the peace of death but in the end he found some redemption and love. He is definitely no knight in shining armour but in his own way, he did have a sense of honour.

Chay was simply lovable, a different kind of man but I assume he got what he wished for in the end.

All in all, this is a very enchanting story. I was hooked from the first pages of 'Lowborn and never chosen' to the last words of 'The Scribe'. You have inspired me to try creating something new.

Thank you for the beautiful read.

Umar, Nigeria

A Truly Wonderful Story

I truly enjoyed Book 1 and the characters within. I look forward to seeing where and how the second book goes. A truly wonderful story and expertly written.

Christiena, United States

Could Not Stop Reading

WOW!! I am in awe. Just finished and am so glad that I stumbled upon this book by mistake. I have told many others about the characters and how they just seem to draw you in. Couldn't stop reading.

Katie, United States

Loved the In Serein Book

I loved it! I am ready to read it all over again.

Kiana, Canada

Found In Serein: My friends told me.

What an enjoyable read!

Until I actually finished reading this, it was quite difficult to put down. Sometimes I actually find myself wondering how it is all possible and am reminded of the energy that we all possess and how much I believe that all things are possible... What an enjoyable read!

Kim, United States

Found In Serein: By accident I think....

A Fantastic Read

A fantastic read. The books really drew you into the characters. It was almost as if I was there myself.

Paul, United Kingdom

Found IS: looking for free fantasy fiction online


I have read more polished gems, but seldom have I encountered a more in-depth, satisfying, story.

I thoroughly enjoyed this trilogy.

From: Jean, United States

Deeply touched by this trilogy

Here I am, crying out my own feelings as I can truly understand the deep similarities between the characters of In Serein and myself. It is probably an epic work for me that destiny has made me stumble across in the wide web of Internet at this time of great changes in my own life.

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I love the story!

I love the story!

i have been reading the first book and I am very much enjoying it. In fact i love the story, its very exiting, a real "page turner"!

Ryan, USA

My all time favourite fantasy trilogy

First posted on Amazon.UK

These books take you on an epic journey with many unique qualities brought to the fantasy genre. The 2 main characters are memorable with both having faults as well as strengths, as the series continues more characters are brought in as well as history and layering to the world which makes it seem so realistic to me. I don’t want to give any spoilers but this entire series is a must read!!! I also implore you to pay for the novel even though it is a free online novel (and has been for years - legally as well I think as it has an official web page but im not good with computers so who knows).

BTW did I mention this is my all time favourite fantasy trilogy!! 

Tess, United Kingdom

Deep, Dark and Amazing - Utterly well written

I read all 3 books online during a really shitty job. This book was deep dark and amazing. A great insight into mental capacity and the struggle with love versus evil. Utterly well written. This is NOT for everyone and in fact sometimes it was a downright struggle to watch the love and hate between the characters. I don't know if I could ever re-read these books because it just pulled at my heart so much. This is a deep look into a madness that can only come of living so long. It's a unique look at a world that once had magic. It's tough to stick with, but worth it for the insight.

Aonbelay, from GoodReads

I'll be back!

From: Kathy
I'll be back!
This book is so beautifully written. It never failed to keep me interested in the story at any time. And I enjoyed it most. It is the kind of book I will enjoy reading over and over again!
United States
How did you find IS?  search for online novels

Even better with age like Lucian's wine

From: Jason
Even better with age like Lucian's wine
I first read In Serein way back in the day. It blew me away at the time. Just read it again, with a bit of trepidation, was it as good as I remembered it? Was I going to be disappointed? No. It was like a whole new experience. The same books but different, I guess I've changed. This is an awesome book, it has magic in it
United Kingdom
How did you find IS?  Years ago from a forum post I think ...

It's magic!

From: Aaron
It's magic!
This was amazing, it felt like real magic. Brilliant story, I want to learn more magic!
United States
How did you find IS?  sheer luck!!!


From: Lady
One of the best reads I have ever taken the time to read from begining to end without getting up for anything. Can't wait to start on Book 2. Thank you for sharing this. This is a work of magick in its own right. Namaste
United States
How did you find IS?  Web search for handmade wands led to to it. I was directed by divine guidance.


From: Sheryl
A profound read.  Rich in wisdom and thought.  Loving every minute.  Thank you.
United States
How did you find IS?  search engine for free ebooks

The magic is really amazing

From: David

This is very well written book about magic and is a really good story about the great love of one person that eventually wins over the love of another.

The magic is really amazing. I believe that somewhere there is magic like this in real life. This book has me really interested in learning about magic like this. I like this magic because there are no spells, potions, or ceremonies involved.

United States
How did you find IS?  I was looking for The Book of Spells