In Serein

In Serein Pronounciation - A Quick Guide

In Serein Pronounciation - A Quick Guide

How do you pronounce Isca? Cia? Chay Catena? Or Marani?

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This is the story of Isca, a commoner born from Merina, who dreams of becoming a Serein. She becomes the apprentice to Lord Lucian Tremain, who in his younger days had the nickname of Cia, which was a play on his first name but also what the Northern tribes would call a demon.

In the course of their various adventures, they come across other people, including Lord Tremains housekeeper, Marani, two young soldiers, Ty Sidris and Chay Catena; Lord Sephael Timore and Dareon De Catra, a young Serein messenger.

Their travels will take them through the kingdoms then and now, accompanied by their Tadara swords, from Merina to Pertineri, from Manoranta to the North Mountains; from Sikoria to Jaralea; they will meet Conna and Carran, Dukes of Solland, King Selter and King Malme the Great. They will also have to deal with Trant, Eddario of Nikkosia, Thoran of Thelein and his uncle, Corranor.

Amongst the females they meet are Delessa, Reyna, Dory and Demma, Shern and Guenta, and Camu which is short for Lady Camaruna.

The children include Dareon as well as Sef, Vona, Ricco, Cyno, Taray, Jilean and of course, Sondra and Adriel.

These are the pronounciations of the main places and characters of In Serein.