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John Eldrich: The Seeds



They said there was an ancient prophecy. 

The ancient prophecy foretold that one would come who would set them free and take them home.

I don’t think that anyone other than perhaps the likes of us from the last days of transition, a hundred thousand years ago or maybe more, really took that seriously, or understood that it was entirely literal.

One did come.

He did set them all free from their strange timeless dream existence that was never either quite here, or there.

And I think he did take them home.

In the theatre, Steve left us and made for the central floor space. The potentials moved out of his way, and there was such silence that you could hear a pin drop.

He stood there alone, until a lady came to him, a lady of stars.

They danced and caused a whirlpool that eventually picked up everyone and everything around them yet it left us untouched and able to observe from the outside; it was an extraordinary event as all these many streamed in on the central place in the theatre and became one thing, one being – a dragon made of light, that description will have to do, for what can I say about this? 

The dragon made of light and a million souls loved us, it blessed us, and then it left us.

They went home.

It went home.

I already know that no matter how many nights are still to come, I will never be able to look up at the stars and not wonder if I don’t see these dragons flying there, dancing, living and playing in realms of pure enchantment, leading their own lives, finding their own paths, going forward to their own unknowable unfoldments.

When it left, the theatre was left empty also, and there was only a few who had been left behind.

A few confused potentials stood amidst the swirling, sparkling ashes of their fellows who had gone, become a part of that the greatest of unfoldments known to us, and there were some of us here and there in the stands, and of course, there was me, and Margaret, Xiao Hong, Gaius, Mark, Adela, and Alexandra.

We were joined by the others who had been accorded the inordinate honour of becoming the seeds of the next unfoldment.

I already knew that Catherine was amongst them.

Nineteen of our kind, and nineteen potentials who would be our first Arada.

I was fascinated by oldest amongst us, one Meruvian. He was far away, but never had I known such gladness, such joy; it was as though he was joy incarnate.

We all looked to him and fell silent. We bathed in his joy at the deliverance of those he loved; and in the knowledge that we would all meet again, in a different way, in a hundred thousand years from now, when there were once more enough of us to give birth to yet another being of light that would arise and live amongst the stars.

We would be there; we would have waited, whispering elders, in a special place of dream and gentle drifting, until the next time and we would be called, and we would too become a part of this unfoldment, this genesis, this evolution.

But until then, much work remained as yet undone.

It was up to us now to shape the next one hundred thousand years.

It was up to us to create a progression and society that would allow the souls to grow in safety, in gentle, precious care, slowly nurturing each other’s paths, weaving a tapestry of souls and destinies that would eventually become so dense that it would breach the threshold – and once again, the one would come, and takes us home.

It was extraordinary.

It was exciting.

It was a blessing inordinate that I should be right here, and have become a part of this, and that I am allowed to serve at such a precious time, indeed.

Awe and wonderment fills me entirely.

The new unfoldment has begun.



- THE END -   





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