In Serein

3-9-3 The Balance

Reyna speaks.

When I was small, a long time ago, in another life, there were times when the council would meet and it was so overwhelming, to be in the presence of that, to know it and feel it there.

It was so huge, so everything. It was a part of our lives and everyone would dream and pray the time away when we would be strong enough to be allowed to share. The elders did not speak of it yet it was in their very states of being there would be that joy, that power, reflected when they came back.

Yet, it was nothing to that which visited upon me this day in the Tower Room.

That what was made of the Lady Isca, the Dark One and Chay exceeded it as lightning will exceed a candle flame, and thunder will exceed the falling of a stone in the courtyard.

I used to think that our world was strong.

I learned that I was wrong and saw and felt the deaths of the elders under the sword of Lady Isca and the Dark One. I feared the Dark One, although I tried to keep the balance as is right and proper and as far as I was taught.

Yet what I was taught was not enough to have prepared me for the life and the occurrences.

I used to think there was a balance of sorts, even if it was held entirely by the Dark One. Even so, there would be balance.

And it all went, again and yet again, destroyed, re-built, destroyed again, and then re-built again.

I am undone and thought I could keep the balance, at least for myself, if I could find it. What I lived in the Tower Room ended all attempts of balance there could ever be.

The elders were many.

These are but three.

The elders knew everything.

These know nothing.

And yet, where they went, what they did, I know the elders did not have access to realms of such magnificence, of such – ah, but there are no symbols, there are no words and no representations I could use to bridge a common understanding.

I help to soothe the one I care for most and try to give a mild impression to the siblings but I know ahead that I must fail. One thing is clear to me, however. Our obedience to the triad has been faulty, it has been half hearted and in the case of the Dark One, non-existent in volition. This must change. The only balance there can be for us is to align now, align completely and with full design to the balance they set out for us.

I rise above myself and let the call shine through the network, new and clean and better than it ever was since she restored it in her mercy, and all who live still hear my voice and heed my call and all assent, each one and all pay their respects and thus it is that I have finally discharged my duty.

I have found the balance and with the balance found, I can be free to serve in gratitude and we are home and free at last.