In Serein

Deeply touched by this trilogy

Here I am, crying out my own feelings as I can truly understand the deep similarities between the characters of In Serein and myself. It is probably an epic work for me that destiny has made me stumble across in the wide web of Internet at this time of great changes in my own life.

I am to move on from a job and from colleagues who are more like family to me now. I am to make a huge step into the unknown and it has been too scary and emotional for me to be honest.

Yet here I am, deeply touched by this trilogy which has been like a journey to my own depths to my own longings, love and fears. It is something that has moved deeply my inside, yet I hardly feel that these days for as emotional as Isca in the inside as far from others as Lucian am I, myself, in this life.

I do fancy about magic to heal me and my beloved ones and even strangers whom I see suffering, and sometimes I can almost feel the magic right a breath away from my fingertips yet I can't get it working with all my pleas and wishes for that to happen. It is good that at least in our minds somewhere there can be an understanding, a deep connection that can heal the weary spirit and the frightening mind with a big bunch of hope and enfolds our fantasy to a level which becomes almost as real as you and I if not more so.

Thank you for this book, thank you for putting it into existence in this world where it can spread its deep magic, which revives the fantasy and heals the soul and spirit with it's touching words and enchanting idea that harmony, unity and compassion can be reached even in the unimaginably horrendous situations. It's an idea worth spreading. Maybe it will become true one day all over the universe and thus lonelyness, suffering and hatred will cease to exist and give a way for a world where only harmony and healing and love do exist.

Thank you again, my dear dear friend whom I have begun to admire through this exceptional work of .... no, not art, but masterpiece of knowledge of healing and comfort and of course magic. 

Deeply Thankful, Estonia