In Serein

A Really Magical Experience

It took me awhile to read through all three books of 'In Serein'. It was a really magical experience for me. As a fellow writer, I can say it's the sort of book I wish I had written.

Isca is a very unique heroine; strong, determined and refusing to give up. Her journey from a lowborn girl engaged to a butcher's son to the Lady of Lucian Tremain and finally the mother to the high king was breath taking and beautifully done.

Lucian is probably the most complex character in the books. It took centuries before he was finally allowed the peace of death but in the end he found some redemption and love. He is definitely no knight in shining armour but in his own way, he did have a sense of honour.

Chay was simply lovable, a different kind of man but I assume he got what he wished for in the end.

All in all, this is a very enchanting story. I was hooked from the first pages of 'Lowborn and never chosen' to the last words of 'The Scribe'. You have inspired me to try creating something new.

Thank you for the beautiful read.

Umar, Nigeria